PT. International Leather Works, as one of Indonesia’s biggest tannery for lizard finished leathers, is committed to provide a traceability system into our lizard finished leather. Working with the biggest fashion houses around the globe, makes us aware that traceability is very important for the sustainability of the animal itself and business continuity so we take the challenge to be the first Lizard tannery in the world that implement traceability by online system on the skins that we provide to the fashion houses.

We provide traceability starting from the abattoirs onwards and we integrate all the information such as geographical catching area, information related to the skin specification, CITES No, color name etc. Tracking the skins are extremely easy, scan the QR Code on our skins then proceed to view the information in our website.

Due to our commitment to sustainable sourcing for all of our buyers, we are strictly sourcing our raw materials from abattoirs that are aligned with our vision and mission. Making traceability system in Indonesia is extremely important because Indonesia has the biggest water monitor Lizard ecosystem in the world as governed by CITES. Nonetheless, we have worked very hard to educate farmers, abattoir owners and the Indonesian Government party to implement our traceability system. We deem this as extremely important because it will be more accurate as it is close to the supply system. We are confident that with our current progress, most of our skins would be traceable very soon and we are hoping that through this system we build transparency and identification of the use of exotic skins.

Please click the link below to access more information about traceability information.