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Daar El Amani Orphanage, August 2023

Daar El Amani Orphanage, August 2023

PT International Leather Works holds social service activity in every month. This August 2023, our company visited The Daar El Amani orphanage which located in Jatiasih, Bekasi. We brought some essentials; rice, eggs, and other housing appliances. Not only sharing goods but we had the experinces together to build togetherness.


我们每月都会举办社会服务活动。2023 年 8 月,我们探访了位于 Jatiasih Bekasi 的 The Daar El Amani 孤儿院。我们带来了一些必需品,如大米、鸡蛋和其他家用电器。我们不仅分享了物品,还一起体验了建立团结的过程。



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